Back from the dead…

Which is really sort of a grim way to begin a blog post, but it is accurate to describe the activity here. After all, this was a totally dead blog, where I hadn’t submitted a new entry in seven months. So much has happened since then, that I am uncertain where to begin updating. I feel a bit like Inigo Montoya in the book/movie “The Princess Bride,” where he comes to the same realization: “Let me explain… no, it’s too much… let me sum up.”

But still, even then I am not sure a summary would serve any useful purpose. I mean, should I try to write a multi-day recap and hit all the main events of the past months? Or should I perhaps just list all of the things that I would have liked to blog about? Would anyone besides me even read that? Actually, I already know the answer to that: not even I would read it.

So, I guess the best thing is to just move forward. This is easy to do, because there are some exciting new changes about to happen with this blog. It will soon make a transition from being a rather self-obsessed collection of my sarcastic comments to a combination travelogue/family blog, which will be a definite upgrade for anyone who ever read it.

The best part is that my soulmate/muse/taskmaster will be joining me in posting, and I am very excited about it. We spent a few hours the other day trying to choose a name for her in the same vein as “The Lumbering Bear,” and I think the winner is: “The Wandering Moose.” We like the parallels, and the fact that the “Lumbering/Wandering” part kind of describes our personalities, as well as alluding to our shared love of being in nature and traveling. At least, we think it does that.

Incidentally, the “Moose” bit is not intended to be an editorial comment. She is not seven feet tall at the shoulder or covered with dark, bristly fur, in other words. Amy is the “Moose” because that is her favorite animal – the same reason I am the “Bear.” My personal, superficial similarity to a bear – the fuzziness and roly-polyness – is strictly coincidental. Or perhaps not… it could be a sort of kindred spirit thing.

Anyway, that is the bright, happy future of this blog. We are still negotiating a name change and will be going for a completely new look, courtesy of the good folks at WordPress. We intend on covering some of the same ground as the old blog by sharing personal adventures and opinions, and will also be writing about some fun vacations we already have planned for this year.

Hopefully, at the very least, we will update more than once every seven months. Lucky for me, The Wandering Moose will now be a part of it, so there is a good chance it will actually get done.

5 thoughts on “Back from the dead…

  1. Amy

    Wandering Moose here – I didn’t realize moose liked to giggle. Apparently they do at silly bears! :) Thanks for your sweet comments, fuzzy. To “all” the people that meander through our forest, I hope to continue the high standard of writing we’ve all come to enjoy while adding some feminine touches here and there (note the new brighter colors of the blog already – my evil plan is working!). But I can’t guarantee that the postings will be any more regular. After all, I’m the one that brought the “late everywhere we go” curse to our little fam!

  2. Might I suggest a general description of whats been going on..! Anyway, I’m excited to see the post about Sasha, and everything else!

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