Introducing Nacho Talk

A few months ago my friend Kerim mentioned that we should start a blog together, which I thought was a great idea. He suggested this in the course of an instant messaging conversation, which we were having while he was at home in the Netherlands and I was at work in the United States (still working hard, of course). The Internet does indeed make for a small world.

The product of that conversation is a blog named Nacho Talk, and we are launching it this week. The general theme of Nacho Talk is social and cultural commentary, with viewpoints coming from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. We take turns posting a weekly article, which will continue to be the format for the foreseeable future (at least until we each become independently wealthy).

Kerim is a great writer who expresses strong, well-considered opinions. That, if for no other reason, would be sufficient for me to feel fortunate being a part of Nacho Talk. However, there is also a definite sense of kindred spirits that underlies this project, as Kerim mentioned in his launch article. It is without doubt a product of the 21st Century: we have never met face-to-face or even spoken to each other. All of our communication has been through e-mail and instant messaging, and yet we have become fast friends.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy Nacho Talk, and thank you very much for reading. Please don’t hesitate to leave comments for the Nacho Talk community to enjoy (hoping, of course, that we can establish a community). We look forward to hearing from you!

I would also like to echo Kerim’s thanks to those who provided valuable feedback during our soft-launch: Kevin, Ben, Phillip, Emma, Gabriele, Joel, Katie, Darren and a couple of others. You guys have been great!

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