About Moose and Bear

The Lumbering Bear:

Nate maintains a lifelong passion for writing, which is very surprising because one might think he would have become better at it if he likes it that much. He also enjoys reading, travel, history, art, sports, complaining, James Bond movies, smothered burritos, spending time with his family, computer games, camping, fishing, nachos, Yellowstone National Park, people watching, and Disneyland. He drives a 2011 Chevy Tahoe that is due for an oil change.

Nate’s next milestone will be [REDACTED] lucky years of marriage to his beautiful wife Amy. They live in West Jordan, Utah with their cats Eleanor and Abigail, who are both of uncertain breed. His future ambitions include finishing his book, cleaning the kitchen so Amy doesn’t have to do it for a change, and fixing the sprinkler manifold when it inevitably breaks in the Spring.

We do sign autographs, if anyone is curious.
We do sign autographs, if anyone is curious.

The Wandering Moose:

Amy is an artistically gifted, hard-working person who likes to bite off more than she can chew, and then go ahead and prove she can chew it anyway. That is a somewhat unflattering way of saying that she is capable of anything and everything she puts her mind to, but the sentiment is true and if she doesn’t like it, she can write her own bio.

She also likes vacations, craft projects, daisies, watching movies, alphabetizing, Hawaii, road trips, reality television, brownie mixes that come with a packet of real chocolate syrup, Zion National Park, sports, playing card games, using a laser pointer to play with Abigail, and Disney Theme Parks.

Amy is looking forward to several travel opportunities this upcoming year, including trips to Yellowstone and Disneyland. In the future she hopes to straighten up the basement, get Eleanor to sit with her without loud protesting, and get her burgeoning bracelet and watchband making business off the ground.

4 thoughts on “About Moose and Bear

  1. We would happily try your suggestion, but Sasha is afraid of brooms. She is also afraid of soccer balls, flags, plastic bottles, crumpled paper and bubbles (among many other things). Seriously. We have no idea why.

  2. Phillip

    Nate, as always, I stand in awe of your writing abilities, and if it’s true that your writing has never improved, then you sure started off at an extremely high level!

    By the way, how do I get a picture of me (or a chosen avatar) to come up when posting, like you guys and Kerim?!

  3. Thank you very much, and you are far, far too kind!

    I am not completely certain how to upload an avatar, although my best guess is that you need to have a WordPress login. I don’t think you are required to blog with them, just be logged in. Both of which are totally free, by the way.

    I will forward the question to Kerim, though, who knows a lot more about this stuff than me.

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