Day One, Week One

Hello and welcome to my blog, which is currently named “The Lumbering Bear.” The tagline reads: “Writer of Words, Doer of Deeds, Seeker of Truth,” which I thought sounded cool and vaguely amusing, but is more of an aspiration. I will likely change at least one of those things in the near future, mostly in an attempt to sound a bit less conceited.

I don’t really know what I intend to do with this blog, other than just write a bunch of stuff for my own amusement. I have been a corporate blogger for about six months, and that job recently came to an end as I was reassigned to another position. I thoroughly enjoyed that opportunity, and it was a pretty simple decision to start my own. This is the result.

The previous corporate blog was centered on technology, which is a great idea, but I know next to nothing about the subject. I was honest about that and wrote from an “everyman” point of view, but it was still just faking as well as possible. I did manage to become familiar with some tech subjects, but there are many other writers and internet personalities who know much more and provide better information. No regrets, though, because I had a great time and was happy about the possibilities.

This is a different monster, though, and while I can’t guarantee I will stay completely out of the technology arena, I won’t have that as my primary focus. Truth be told (and I alluded to this two paragraphs before) I don’t really know if I will have a primary focus. Judging on past experience, I am likely to write about pop culture, sports, current events, curiosities, and whatever else piques my interest. The Lumbering Bear will be a cornucopia of subjects, if you will.

I guess it doesn’t really matter, because I don’t anticipate anyone reading this (at least, anyone who doesn’t already know me). This is strictly an exercise in entertaining and amusing me. If you happen to stumble across this and enjoy it (future entries will be more entertaining, I promise), please feel free to let me know.

Thank you.

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